Line Of Business

Our private equity & direct investment focus on investment in Egypt in diversified sectors
in companies that have the potential to expand locally and regionally.
We are committed to add value to the company, sector and country that we are working in.
Also we believe that CSR must be incorporated in all of our Business plans.


We are actually involved in this sector since 1990, All type of investors are willing to invest in this sector. (Government, corporate, individual)

Egyptian resources can be used to have a unique business advantage and compute easily worldwide in the agricultural sector.


We define the real estate sector as the major driver for the growth expected in the short term in Egypt..

We prefer the CGA type of Real-estate

We perform in the medical, education and tourism sector as a type of Real Estate CGA


SMEs will be the sector that surprising all investment bankers, and due to our presence in Egypt we believe it will give us competitive advantage than other players in the region, the government realizes the importance of SMEs in the Egyptian economy &it is expected to facilitate the roles needs for the growth of SMEs., we promised ourselves that NILEX will be the window that all investors will be looking at in the next 5 years, that we named ourselves as THE NILEX CREATOR.


Gold & Diamonds are the best asset that you have to add to your portfolio to secure your overall investment .

Financial crises, world political instability, approve the need of all investors to secure their investments by using gold as an asset.

Matis is our arm that converts the concept of using gold for saving or to investment into cash generating asset by being involved in the jewelry industry as manufacturer, wholesale and Retail outlet.

Matis history goes back to 1985 in Egypt.

Now Matis expanded regionally and has business in both diamond & Jewelry in different countries in the GCC and Asia. .

Matis expanded to Europe in 2014 by opening it’s arm in Switzerland, as the mother hub of Jewllery Business in the world.

Gold is the main asset