The company's product structure:

The company possesses expertise, human competencies, work systems and business precedent that make it able to offer its clients many financial and administrative products

As it carries out studies of the fair value of institutions of various legal patterns and forms, it also prepares financial feasibility studies for new projects and investment expansions for existing projects, other than what is known as diagnostic studies and financial analysis and measurement of strengths and weaknesses as well as the possibility of preparing financial structuring studies and all kinds of financial engineering studies for institutions : division ,acquisition, mergers, etc., and a set of electronic financial products currently being designed that will be available for use through the company's website on the Internet in addition to administrative structuring services and electronic institutional transformation of institutions

Fair value studies:

The concept of fair value in general means estimating the appropriate value of the investment asset in light of the future benefits and returns it will achieve.

The fair value of the investment asset - in general - is a necessary requirement when wanting to sell this asset or to measure the extent of the successes of the person who manages this asset in maximizing the economic value of it "pricing and measuring management efficiency" and virtually the fair value for The company or institution is the market value in which all or a share of the company's capital is expected to be sold

Feasibility studies:

These are studies that are prepared for the purpose of answering the following question "Is the project feasible or not?", And the financial feasibility study includes forecasting the expected financial statements for a new project for an appropriate future evaluation period, from income statements , balance sheets and cash flows, as well as anticipating and calculating indicators of financial analysis and "breakeven sales

It also includes estimating the optimal financing structure for the project as well as the required rate of return on investment in this project RRR and simple and technical financial viability indicators from the average net profit on investment ROI during the evaluation period as well as the internal rate of return on investment IRR in order to compare it with the rate of return required to measure financial viability and among the indicators Financial viability is also an estimate of the net present value NPV of the project, as well as the capital recovery period, with a reassessment of the above more than once to measure the impact of the risks of fluctuations in revenues, costs and expenses on the project evaluation in what are known as sensitivity tests.

Financial engineering studies:

Many institutions may face some circumstances that make them in need of different types of studies to help them make the right decision in terms of cost and return. Among these studies are diagnostic studies and financial analysis to know the elements of strength and weakness to strengthen the first and treat the second. And how to solve if the institution is facing financial problems

On the other hand, the establishment may feel that there is an opportunity available to it through the division of activity to achieve the optimal exploitation of the assets or the opportunity to merge with another investment entity or be exposed to circumstances that compel it to study a decision such as to acquire through another company ...From here shows the role of Premiere Financial Advisory Company

Administrative products:

: Design the work system according to the Quality Management System "QMS" approach- 

Writing instructions, procedural manuals

And that the instruction includes all the steps to implement the activity and taking into account the criteria for achieving quality such as production instructions or providing a service or sales and maintenance instructions..etc. Writing the strategy: From a vision, mission, strategic goals and measurable and very specific implementation goals so that it continues to be implemented within three years as well as the determinants of formulating annual plans To implement and follow up on those and the organizational structure of the institution

Design and write job analysis cards

In light of the organizational structure defined by the strategy

Design business documents

These are the documentary forms necessary to carry out each activity and implement its instructions Building quality control requirements for quality assurance: Design checklists to ensure implementation of work instructions

Design the system to work according to the Enterprise Resource Plan "ERP" approach

By designing electronic software to implement business instructions that work in an integrated manner such as a sales program / maintenance program / accounts program ... etc

Design Management Information System MIS reports

A set of electronic reports: which are designed in the form of tables and graphs that include analytical and relative indicators. These reports are related to direct and real-time pictures of the programs that were designed.

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